Expression profile for LOC_Os05g48870 (LOC_Os05g48870)

Aliases : Os05g0563400

Description : 27.3.4 RNA.regulation of transcription.ARF, Auxin Response Factor family ettin (ett) mutations have pleiotropic effects on Arabidopsis flower development, causing increases in perianth organ number, decreases in stamen number and anther formation, and apical-basal patterning defects in the gynoecium. The ETTIN gene encodes a protein with homology to DNA binding proteins which bind to auxin response elements. ETT transcript is expressed throughout stage 1 floral meristems and subsequently resolves to a complex pattern within petal, stamen and carpel primordia. ETT probably functions to impart regional identity in floral meristems that affects perianth organ number spacing, stamen formation, and regional differentiation in stamens and the gynoecium. During stage 5, ETT expression appears in a ring at the top of the floral meristem before morphological appearance of the gynoecium, consistent with the proposal that ETT is involved in prepatterning apical and basal boundaries in the gynoecium primordium. It is a target of the ta-siRNA tasiR-ARF.

Condition specificity: Leaf drought-stress 135 min (Azucena) (SPM: 0.33, entropy: 3.57, tau: 0.66)
Tissue Specificity: Leaf drought-stress (SPM: 0.52, entropy: 2.95, tau: 0.64)
Comparative Profile: Leaves (SPM: 0.77, entropy: 2.0, tau: 0.62)

All conditions

Tissue Specificity

Note: SPM calculations for this profile are done using the maximum value.

Comparative Profile

Note: SPM calculations for this profile are done using the maximum value.