GO:0005744: TIM23 mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase complex (Cellular component)

"The protein transport machinery of the mitochondrial inner membrane that typically transports proteins that possess a matrix-targeting N-terminal presequence. The TIM23 complex contains three essential Tim proteins: Tim17 and Tim23 are thought to build a preprotein translocation channel while Tim44 interacts transiently with the matrix heat-shock protein Hsp70 to form an ATP-driven import motor." [EC:, PMID:27554484, PMID:8851659]

There are 27 sequences with this label.

Enriched clusters
Name Species % in cluster p-value corrected p-value action
Cluster_215 Arabidopsis thaliana 3.28 % 0.001096 0.025708
Cluster_67 Oryza sativa 0.39 % 0.006482 0.021721
Cluster_301 Solanum lycopersicum 1.11 % 0.00258 0.035069
Cluster_231 Vitis vinifera 1.12 % 0.003378 0.042564
Cluster_345 Zea mays 2.27 % 0.001128 0.006487
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