GO:0061630: ubiquitin protein ligase activity (Molecular function)

"Catalysis of the transfer of ubiquitin to a substrate protein via the reaction X-ubiquitin + S -> X + S-ubiquitin, where X is either an E2 or E3 enzyme, the X-ubiquitin linkage is a thioester bond, and the S-ubiquitin linkage is an amide bond: an isopeptide bond between the C-terminal glycine of ubiquitin and the epsilon-amino group of lysine residues in the substrate or, in the linear extension of ubiquitin chains, a peptide bond the between the C-terminal glycine and N-terminal methionine of ubiquitin residues." [GOC:BioGRID, GOC:dph, GOC:mah, GOC:tb, PMID:22863777]

There are 77 sequences with this label.

Enriched clusters
Name Species % in cluster p-value corrected p-value action
Cluster_38 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 0.71 % 0.015721 0.037907
Cluster_281 Oryza sativa 0.78 % 0.00518 0.029486
Cluster_192 Oryza sativa 0.9 % 0.003991 0.015572
Cluster_438 Oryza sativa 50.0 % 0.000851 0.00553
Cluster_246 Vitis vinifera 4.0 % 7.4e-05 0.002161
Cluster_88 Zea mays 1.42 % 0.0034 0.028087
Cluster_253 Zea mays 2.25 % 0.001376 0.049519
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