GO:0019932: second-messenger-mediated signaling (Biological process)

"Any intracellular signal transduction in which the signal is passed on within the cell via a second messenger; a small molecule or ion that can be quickly generated or released from intracellular stores, and can diffuse within the cell. Second-messenger signaling includes production or release of the second messenger, and effectors downstream of the second messenger that further transmit the signal within the cell." [GOC:signaling, ISBN:0815316194, PMID:15221855, Wikipedia:Second_messenger_system]

There are 70 sequences with this label.

Enriched clusters
Name Species % in cluster p-value corrected p-value action
Cluster_128 Arabidopsis thaliana 3.3 % 0.001609 0.016368
Cluster_221 Arabidopsis thaliana 2.05 % 0.006094 0.036632
Cluster_40 Arabidopsis thaliana 2.48 % 0.000163 0.000995
Cluster_368 Arabidopsis thaliana 50.0 % 0.005056 0.020044
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