GO:0018279: protein N-linked glycosylation via asparagine (Biological process)

"The glycosylation of protein via the N4 atom of peptidyl-asparagine forming N4-glycosyl-L-asparagine; the most common form is N-acetylglucosaminyl asparagine; N-acetylgalactosaminyl asparagine and N4 glucosyl asparagine also occur. This modification typically occurs in extracellular peptides with an N-X-(ST) motif. Partial modification has been observed to occur with cysteine, rather than serine or threonine, in the third position; secondary structure features are important, and proline in the second or fourth positions inhibits modification." [GOC:jsg, RESID:AA0151, RESID:AA0420, RESID:AA0421]

There are 11 sequences with this label.

Enriched clusters
Name Species % in cluster p-value corrected p-value action
Cluster_171 Arabidopsis thaliana 0.83 % 0.004382 0.047988
Cluster_105 Cyanophora paradoxa 0.45 % 0.008947 0.042806
Cluster_38 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 0.71 % 0.007891 0.022471
Cluster_242 Oryza sativa 0.83 % 0.003003 0.01252
Cluster_239 Picea abies 1.59 % 0.00177 0.006063
Cluster_159 Selaginella moellendorfii 1.28 % 0.0035 0.041068
Cluster_46 Zea mays 1.14 % 2e-05 8e-05
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